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Glow in the Santa Fe Botanical Garden

Glow in the Santa Fe Botanical Garden

A glowing path through Santa Fe Garden Glow

A glowing path with glowing trees. Experience the magic at the Santa Fe Garden.

The Glow in the Santa Fe Botanical Garden is one of the many excellent reasons to visit Santa Fe during the Christmas season. This is an event I look forward to every year.

You have finished shopping or skiing and are thinking what to do before dinner. I always advise my tour guest to make a late dinner reservation. A late reservation in Santa Fe is between 7:30 and 8:30. Why do that, I’m asked? Because, I say, there is nothing quite like the Glow in the Santa Fe Botanical Garden. The night will be cool and crisp. The lights on the plants and the art work are breath taking. Don’t forget to look up at nature’s light show as the stars fill the heavens.

Did you say cold? Yes it will be cool, we don’t say cold in Santa Fe, but part of the price of admission is hot food, hot chocolate, hot cider and many varieties of wine. All of that will definitely take the cill off.

Oh, did I mention the free music? New performers every night.

The Garden glow is each weekend, Friday to Sunday, through out December. Don’t miss it !!

Click this link for more details,  Garden Glow.

When you need to take a day off from the fantastic skiing or the incredible shopping, consider a tour of this historic city. Click here for more information about a great Historic Walking Tour.


An Evening at Coyote Cafe

Coyote Cafe Kitchen

The culinary scene is one of Santa Fe’s most attractive features. Friday night we decided to go out and sample one of Santa Fe’s best, Coyote Cafe. We chose to be seated at the counter were we had a clear view into the open kitchen. I believe this is the best seat in the house. It can be a bit warm but the show is well worth it. It was fascinating to watch Aldo and Bryan they cooked, flamed, danced around, joked, called out ‘Mayday’ and as they prepared fabulous meals. We watched as they created my Elk and her lobster while pans rattled and flames shot high. Both dishes were unbelievable. These seats are not the place for intimate conversations but show is unbeatable.

After taking an Historic Walking Tour we at Santa Fe Footprints provide a list of recommended restaurants and Coyote Cafe is high on the list.