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Horsin’ Around

 The Gala of the Royal Horses in the City Different. Horse lovers, admirers or just those looking for a great show, the Royal Horses met all expectations and more. Once again the City Different provides Quality entertainment. Don’t just take a walking tour of the standard site, impressive as they are, branch out. Hike, bike or go to a world class horse show at Hipico in Santa Fe.

The Lipizzaner, the Arabian, the Friesian and the Spanish Andalusian are all there. Watching the performance of  Dressage and Garrocha was amazing even for a humble novice like me.


Spring Cactus Flowers

Spring Cactus Flowers


Many may think of claret cup as just another spiny desert plant. When not in bloom, this evergreen is somewhat unremarkable, but in the spring, it transforms itself into a showstopper when dozens of deep scarlet red blooms cover the stems. As one may guess, the plant’s spines detract deer and rabbits, but the hummingbirds love the nectar, which sits deep inside the corolla at the flower’s base. Cactus flowers bloom from late March through late May, most peaking in mid-April.

Hiking Sun Mountain or Sierra Del Norte are the perfect ways to experience the red, pink and yellow flowers that spring in Santa Fe bring forth.