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Go RV!

With the never-ending Corona Virus lurking behind every corner it is difficult to get out. OK, you have done all the hiking trails. They are great but they are getting a little old. You have biked everywhere and even E-biked all over the city but you can’t hike or bike your way from Santa Fe to Masa Verde. An alternative is to go RV.

Why Not Drive?

Why not just drive to Masa Verde? Covid-19 makes that a very reasonable and safe option. However, you cannot drive there and back in one day. That necessitates spending one, two or three nights in a motel. Due to the virus many people are not comfortable with that option. What are people with the need to travel going to do? The solution is go RV!

I Have Never Done an Recreational Vehicle!

Well neither had I. But how are you going to know if you enjoy traveling in a recreational vehicle unless you go RV? We were not going to just go out and buy one so the obvious solution was to rent. Much to my surprise there are numerous sites for RV rental. They are like Airbnb for RVs. Outdoorsy is the site we used. We searched the sites and settled on a recreational vehicle we could both agree on.

What Type of RV Should I Rent?

If you have a wife you will find out that an RV with a toilet and shower is an absolute must. There are very nice trailer recreational vehicles with such amenities but we had nothing to pull it with. With trailers eliminated the next option was the self-contained recreational vehicle you drive.  We found a 25-foot class C that had all the amenities we require and was not big to handle. It was time to go RV!

Trip Length, How long?

As this was an experiment to see if we could do a recreational vehicle so we limited the journey to four nights. We plan to keep the driving part of the trip to a minimum but out west that proved impossible. We drove 850 miles in five days. The length of time and distance proved to be just right.

Chillin by the fire and the river.

Chillin by the fire and the river.

Our experiment in going RV was a resounding success! Every site was wonderful. Masa Verde was fascinating. We loved cooking out. The RV was very comfortable. We are sold. We are planning more RV trips and we can’t wait. Go RV!

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