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Wagon at Ghost RanchGhost Ranch Colors #2 with Canon G10Ghost Ranch Colors #1 With Canon G10I-phone after editsI-phone playing with shadowsO'Keefe's Rio Chama with I-phone

Last month I had a group of guest in town and they express and interest in taking a photography tour. As only one of the group had a real camera and the rest of us had smart phones of various type, I looked for a photographer who would give a tour/class for both a Nikon camera and those of us with smartphones. Steve Bundy of Taos agreed to do the tour and help/teach the people with ‘real’ cameras and brought along his friend John Farnsworth to show the rest of us how to take full advantage of our smartphone cameras.

Our group drove to Ghost Ranch. We meet Steve and John at the Georgia O’Keefe center and then headed out to some of the most spectacular scenery in the USA. I had brought along my old Canon G10 and Steve kindly spent time showing me how to use the features. Don’t just put it on Auto ! Warning! It becomes addictive. I experimented with camera settings and scenes.

John showed the others how to use a smart phone camera. In short, just take lots of pictures. Then review and edit and edit and correct. He had us all download Snapseed, a photo editor and graciously offered to help with any questions.

The picture above is me experimenting with my I-phone. If you are interested in a tour of Santa Fe, photo or historic your can contact us via our website