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Sandia Tram

Sandia Tram

What to do after the great tours in Santa Fe

For those of you who have had a great time on one of the wonderful Santa Fe Footpirnts tours the question is what to do next? You have had a great experience, be it the Historic Walking tour, a Hiking tour, fun on the mountain with a Ski Santa Fe tour or a fascinating tour of a local Pueblo.  You must experience the Sandia Tram. Most of you either arrived in New Mexico via the Albuquerque Sunport (ABQ) and or will leave the Land of Enchantment from that excellent airport.  Please add a little time in you travel plans to take the ride on the Sandia Tram to the top of Sandia Peak. I recommend taking the tram just before sunset. You will not regret it.

My Sunset Ride on the Tram

This Sunday we did and Albuquerque afternoon. Part of this experience was checking out the new restaurant at the top of the Sandia Tram. The ride up the Tram is impressive no matter what time of day. To achieve the maximum experience you must do the sunset run. As the sun set the clouds turned pink and red. Venus was shining bright just above the silver crescent of the moon. The lights of Albuquerque began to twinkle. It was an Incredible sight !

The Ten 3

The sun set and the light came on. It was time for us to check out the new restaurant called Ten 3. The name Ten 3 refers to the altitude to Sandia Peak, 10,378 feet. I was impressed with the space. Fantastic views both north and south. The bar is very cool. I had a good local craft beer.  We shared an appetizer board, which actually substituted for our dinner.

The twinkling Lights

The ride down was just as impressive because the lights of the city, the moon and the stars were shining bright. Let me conclude that either before of after you take your memorable tour with Santa Fe Footprints,  you must experience the Sandia Tram.

Photo Tour/Class

Photo Tour/Class

Wagon at Ghost RanchGhost Ranch Colors #2 with Canon G10Ghost Ranch Colors #1 With Canon G10I-phone after editsI-phone playing with shadowsO'Keefe's Rio Chama with I-phone

Last month I had a group of guest in town and they express and interest in taking a photography tour. As only one of the group had a real camera and the rest of us had smart phones of various type, I looked for a photographer who would give a tour/class for both a Nikon camera and those of us with smartphones. Steve Bundy of Taos agreed to do the tour and help/teach the people with ‘real’ cameras and brought along his friend John Farnsworth to show the rest of us how to take full advantage of our smartphone cameras.

Our group drove to Ghost Ranch. We meet Steve and John at the Georgia O’Keefe center and then headed out to some of the most spectacular scenery in the USA. I had brought along my old Canon G10 and Steve kindly spent time showing me how to use the features. Don’t just put it on Auto ! Warning! It becomes addictive. I experimented with camera settings and scenes.

John showed the others how to use a smart phone camera. In short, just take lots of pictures. Then review and edit and edit and correct. He had us all download Snapseed, a photo editor and graciously offered to help with any questions.

The picture above is me experimenting with my I-phone. If you are interested in a tour of Santa Fe, photo or historic your can contact us via our website


Bandelier Waterfall Hike

It’s spring and that means the record snow fall is melting. A wet spring and the melting snow means the rivers and creek are raging. A perfect time to hike the Bandelier National Monument Falls Trail. Sunday was a sunny day. Not too warm and not cool. In short, just right for a hike.

I had heard from a guest on a Historic Tour that the Bandelier Fall were raging. Last year I twice tried to hike to the falls. The first attempt was stopped by rain and lighting. It’s not a good idea to be hiking in Frijoles canyon with heavy rain in the mountains behind you. Evidence of flash floods are plainly visible. The second attempt was frustrated by a lack of water. Frijoles Creek was almost dry so there was no point in hiking to the falls.

This trip the water was roaring over the falls. First and 80 foot drop followed by a 40 foot drop. Quite a spectacular sight! On the hike back the cool waters looks so inviting I just had to take off my boots and dip my toes in the cool refreshing waters.

Bandelier National Monument is just one of the many delights that are only 30 minutes from Santa Fe. It’s just one of the items that make this city a great place to live or visit.