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Frequently Asked Questions

Are these tours free?
There’s no initial cost to sign up for any of Santa Fe Footprint’s tours. You take the tour and then decide what it was worth.

Why do it this way?
Santa Fe Footprints is keen on sharing the beauty and history of Santa Fe and does not want cost to be a barrier.

Do I pay/tip the guide directly?
Yes. At the end of each tour, YOU decide what it was worth. If you found your guide to be both informative and entertaining, pay and tip him commensurately. (Other walking tour guides charge between $25 and $40 per person.)

Can I pay/tip with a credit card?
Yes !  We have Square to process cards, using a mobile phone, upon completion of the tour.

Is there a limit to the number of people you will take on any given tour?

The maximum number of guest per tour and the spaces available are shown in the RSVP box in the tour description.

Are there places to sit and rest on the Historic Downtown Santa Fe walking tour? What about public restrooms?
The benches in the Santa Fe Plaza are popular and are often in use. Similarly, there are only a few public restrooms in the downtown area. We recommend that you plan accordingly and be prepared to be on your feet for 1.5 to 2 hours.

Can the guide recommend places to eat?
Santa Fe has dozens of restaurants – and food trucks! – with choices for “every whim, budget and occasion,” according to “dine+unwind,” the city’s official restaurant guide. When you sign up for one of our tours, you will receive an email containing links to restaurants which the Santa Fe Footprints staff have enjoyed.

What about shopping?
With dozens of unique stores and galleries, three malls, and a year-round Farmers Market, Santa Fe is known internationally as a shopping mecca! Your guide will try to answer your questions and point you to other resources that help you achieve your shopping goals.

Does Santa Fe Footprints provide transportation to trailheads?
No. We provide driving instructions to the various trailheads and recommend that our guests carpool when they can. There are no public restrooms at the trailheads.

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